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The Postdoc Toolbox

What is in your toolbox and how can you enrich it?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As you know, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away, as her funeral is held on the 19 of September, we will reschedule this UKNPAW event to Wednesday 21 of September, 10.30am instead.

UK and ROI National Postdoc Appreciation Week presents: The Postdoc Toolbox

Wednesday 21st, 2022, 10:30 AM (GMT)

Postdoc /pəʊs(t)ˈdɒk/ – According to Wikipedia, Postdoc is “a person professionally conducting research after the completion of their doctoral studies. The ultimate goal of a postdoctoral research position is to pursue additional research, training, or teaching in order to have better skills to pursue a career in academia, research, or any other field”.

Career progression beyond a postdoc position, whatever shape it takes, relies on postdocs using the range of tools at their disposal that they knowingly (or unknowingly!) acquired. In this event, each of our guest speakers will highlight a different item from the ‘Postdoc Toolbox’:

  • Skills: whatever they are specialist or transferable, postdocs have a breath of skills that can apply to many roles and sectors. Using humour and a light-hearted presentation style, Steve Cross will discuss the ups and down of postdoc life, what he has in his own personal toolbox, and how you can equip your own.
  • Resources: there are a lot of resources available online to help researchers plan their career and take their next step. Here, we will have sneak peeks of the new ‘Prosper’ portal, designed to enable postdocs to reach their career potential, and discuss key findings and take-home thoughts based on knowledge gained from the initial cohorts. The Prosper portal has been developed over the past couple of years and trialed in a few Universities in England. It will be released in open access to all in 2023.
  • CV: a well-crafted CV can be a passport to any new role for a postdoc, enabling them to showcase their skills, achievements and experience to future employers. Sarah Ashworth will provide useful information on developing an effective CV, and tips on how to avoid common mistakes.


    10:30 AM – 10:35 AM Welcome & Introduction

    10:35 AM – 11:05 AM Dr Steve Cross v.s. the Postdoc toolbox – Steve is going to reach into his own personal toolkit and find the ideas, tools, skills and jokes that will help you all achieve postdoc nirvana. Expect silliness, stories and a few useful tips.

    11:05 AM – 11:35 AM How to Prosper from your postdoc experience. Interested in unlocking your career potential? Then Prosper is for you. Rolling out across the UK in June 2023, postdocs will have access to our tried and tested approach to career development! Here’s a sneak peek of what will be on offer and how you can make the most out of it.

    11:35 AM – 12:05 PM Dr Sarah Ashworth’s guide to a good CV – are you worried about your CV, or unsure on how to improve it? Sarah will provide some key aspects to how you can sell your skills authentically, and also highlight the potential pitfalls of common mistakes!

    Please note that the time frame is a guide only and any unanswered questions will be addressed in the NPAW website.

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    Dr Steve Cross

    Steve is a communications consultant, skills trainer and standup comedian who specialises in making experts into the most interesting…

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    Dr Sarah Ashworth

    I find research fascinating and love working with researchers to help them make real whatever they want out of life…

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    Stefania Silvestri

    Stefania Silvestri (she/her) is a Researcher Developer at the University of Manchester. She is responsible for supporting the successful development…

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    Andrew Holmes

    Andrew Holmes (he/him) is a Research Staff Developer at the University of Liverpool supporting the successful development, delivery…

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    Eamon Dubaissi

    Eamon Dubaissi (he/him) is a Research Staff Developer at the University of Liverpool supporting the successful development, delivery and…

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